Latest Episode: Allison Wickey - Looking Toward the Light & The Art of Life

EmCoWo Podcast Now on iHeartRadio

EmCoWo started by sharing stories that make women feel more connected. As a new Florida Nonprofit our mission supports women in coastal communities by providing resources that can help them live a better life. Founded initially in 2018, EmCoWo was a simple writing project to honor women from all walks of life. Intimate conversations, and feedback from those who read and listened exposed a greater demand to recognize and help the women in our coastal region. EmCoWo gives a voice to women without limitations, and the podcast is just the start of something that will have an amazing impact on our community!

That’s why it’s exciting to announce that we are on three MAJOR podcasting platforms. The EmCoWo podcast initially launched with Spotify, following shortly thereafter with Apple Podcasts. The latest platform to approve the EmCoWo Podcast is New York based broadcaster iHeart Radio. This digital radio service has over 120 MILLION podcast subscribers and more than 250,000 podcasts available to its listeners. More than 51% of the US population listens to podcasts, with listenership rising daily. 

Your story is meant to be shared. Contact us today about joining us on our mission to inspire women to live better lives!


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