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What is EmCoWo?

EmCoWo is a 501(c)(3) organization that offers resources, education and a platform to improve the lives of women from all walks of life in our coastal communities. It’s been said, your story is your superpower. The passion project of founder, Sharon Vaughn, EmCoWo began as a way to help women feel less isolated and more connected, by sharing their stories through the EmCoWo Podcast and website. Through time it became apparent that sharing the stories, though impactful, was just the tip of the iceberg. In our communities there are women of all ages, races, religions, sizes, shapes, job statuses among other things. Each woman is equally important and EmCoWo will not only shine a light on those that can help inspire others, but will also provide resources for many other women to better their own lives. Each year, EmCoWo will identify three to five relevant programs to support. This includes ongoing educational programs, mentorship, and community grants. Some programs on the horizon include support for Women in Hospitality during and after the Covid-19 economic fallout, creating career pathways for Women Veterans in our local military community, and the Pet Project - helping families overcome the financial roadblocks of pet ownership during divorce. The end goal of EmCoWo is to connect women, and give them the tools and confidence to achieve whatever life they dream of. We dare to connect rather than compare ourselves to each other. We lift each other up, and carry each other forward.