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Sara Vogel & R. B. F. (It’s Not What You Think)

RBF - It's not what you think. Sarah Vogel, the Generous Competitor

RBF… most of us have heard of this slang abbreviation at some point. It’s not usually complimentary, but some wear their RBF as a badge of honor. It is something that can be misread at the surface level and often leads to unfair judgements. RBF can come in handy when traveling on a crowded airplane or subway as a mechanism to avoid small talk with a stranger. It is quite useful when dodging catcalls or people in a crowded venue. Sometimes it is just a sign that a person is deep in thought and not focused on her surroundings but is instead in the maze of her own head somewhere buried in a to-do list (as many of us are). Sometimes it means nothing at all – pure neutrality mistaken for some sort of bitterness due to the simple absence of a beaming, inauthentic, unearned smile. 

Many of us are warned at some point about how our RBF makes us look. Because of that you can add it to the list of concerns women have when considering how they are perceived by others. This was one thing that was on the heart of today’s EmCoWo subject.

This woman appears to have it all together. She is a boss, a busy mom, a devoted child of God, wife, daughter, and sibling. Our conversation started with one goal – to find out how someone so gentle and generous with her heart can at the same time be so successful and competitive in business. I asked her outright how she manages being such a go-getter but also such an uplifting neighbor. Her answer:  “I would much rather play WITH you than against you.” This is Sarah Vogel. 

She shared thoughts about ambition, fears, family, and how she feels other people perceive her – including a regular “RBF” when out and about in full focus mode. Sarah has a story. It includes magical connections, tragedy, family turmoil and signs from heaven. But one of the most beautiful things about Sarah is her pure humanity. What would she want people to know about her if she could control their perception? “I would want them to know that I care. I care about them.” She is not afraid to shed tears when she feels something, “I always lead with my heart,” she told me. When you lead with your heart it can put you in a vulnerable position. Sarah, however, finds that it motivates her not only in her personal life but in her nutrition business to, “learn more so that I can help people more.” She utilizes the opportunity to help people live better lives through nutrition to share her caring heart with people every day. 

On being a generous soul with a competitive edge:
“I would much rather play WITH you than against you.”

One her personal philosophies is, “Be the best you can be and influence others along the way.” It is clear that she does her best to walk this path in everything she does: with her influence in mind. She runs a business that aligns with her personal foundations of Faith and Family while sharing her passion for wellness not only professionally but as a generous gift to anyone seeking information. Sarah loves shopping with her daughter, making memories on family road trips and spending as much time as possible with her family.

Behind the supermom, independent business owner, devoted wife and inspiring friend there is a woman who has experienced great pain and challenges in her life. Her brother tragically died at a young age of an illness and her mother became very ill shortly thereafter. This happened in Sarah’s formidable years just before her high school graduation. She carries a heavy burden and often blames herself for things out of her control including her parents divorce. One afternoon in her childhood, Sarah accidentally spilled a soda on her mother’s computer. She noted it was a cutting edge device in its time and was very important to her mother. Sarah’s mom discovered the accident and shortly thereafter she heard her mother telling her father that she wanted a divorce. For many years she was convinced that it was her mother’s anger at the spill that triggered this. Can most of us even imagine taking on that amount of accountability as such a small child? As an eight year old girl she found herself trying to be the best partner she could to her mother, trying to ease her pain as she felt so responsible. Through all of these challenges she has not lost sight of hope. She will generously share this light and hope with you should you have the privilege to spend some time with her.

On what Sarah would like people to know about her: 
“I would want them to know that I care. I care about them.”

If you’ve passed Sara in the aisles of Publix and thought you saw a hint of RBF…. think about this: 

You may have seen her passing through appearing uber focused, with a myriad of items on her internal to do list. Chances are she has the kids in tow or is preparing chauffeur them to their next activity or is about to travel away for a business meeting. Make no mistake that this RBF you see is not what you may initially think. Like so many women she charges ahead. She checks off at least the most important items on the never ending list. She gives her heart to others selflessly. 

She IS RBF:  Resilient, Beautiful, Fierce.

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